Our impact

We believe no one’s role in life is set and that everyone deserves an opportunity to be more than their circumstances.

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Total Candidate Income Earned


Our impact philosophy

Collateral Impact: Exponential Change

re:work is a people business. When our candidates win, our employers win, and our city wins. For that reason, candidates always remain at the center of our business.

We also believe that true empowerment comes from opportunity. We’ve already seen our alumni become leaders in their communities, which is why we’re confident that real change starts with ambitious individuals, then ripples across families, communities, and cities.

The challenge ahead for re:work is about turning steady impact into exponential impact. Support from you goes right through re:work and towards some of the highest potential young adults in the country.


Social Return on Investment

Social ROI = Return (Output) / Investment (Input)

Our R.E.P.S framework:

More REPS = Stronger Communities


Everything in our business revolves around the candidates, so starting with the right people means everything. We go to overlooked neighborhoods and find sales talent. Hint: it’s there.


There’s much more to empowering someone than just teaching them a skill. Our curriculum includes the latest sales techniques, as well as how to develop a growth mindset.


Career placement means everything when it comes to finding meaningful work. We create deep relationships with both candidates and open-minded tech employers to find the right fit.


When our candidates are successful, that means our employer partners are too. We’ve developed a growing community of diverse leaders. The future of re:work rests in our alumni.




We’re focused on creating next-level opportunities for candidates. To that end, we focus on candidates in at least one of these three situations:

  • Unemployed & Discouraged Job Seekers

  • Underemployed. We consider individuals currently working below the poverty level of $25,520 per year as underemployed.

  • Out-of-School. We consider out-of-school to be folks not currently enrolled in postsecondary education, as well as without a two-year or four-year degree.

95% of our candidates are under-represented minorities from the South and West sides of Chicago. We have a four-step screening process, including a predictive fit assessment that identifies individuals with teamwork, polish, rigor, impact, curiosity, ownership, and grit.




Research has shown there are benefits to smaller classes. In order to give each candidate individual attention, we limit our cohorts to a max of 12 candidates.

Our goal is for our candidates to exceed sales and company-wide expectations. To empower candidates to do this, we train on mindset, sales process, best practices for cold calling, email cadence, and business acumen. We also cover tools like Salesforce, Yesware, & video conferencing.

We consider candidates empowered when:

  • They are currently working full-time and with full benefits

  • They are actively enrolled in postsecondary education




Placing candidates means everything when it comes to meaningful work. We create deep relationships with candidates and open-minded tech employers to find the right fit.

We don’t pre-sell internships or jobs to employers like most workforce development programs. It puts pressure on us, but we thrive when we know our candidates’ needs come first.


Income Comparison by Race and Gender

Source: http://www.usacityfacts.com/

Graph: Our candidates’ wages against city and national averages.

We focus on tech sales roles because they’re high-paying and have massive growth potential. We pride ourselves on helping candidates find meaningful work and more financial success than they would anywhere else (see: graph).




For 96% of our placements, there is no turning back. They’ve found success, and they continue to grow. Most remain employed, and some have gone back to school.

Our ongoing support for candidates includes three main pieces:

  • Digital Community: we use Slack as an online community. It remains a place where everyone involved in re:work (candidates, alumni, staff, volunteers) can remain in touch

  • 1:1 Mentorship: for interested candidates, we offer mentorship from young professionals, often diverse themselves, who are working in tech

  • Community Events: every quarter we host an event dedicated to only those involved in re:work. It’s a place for candidates and alumni to meet, which leads to a stronger network and community