A Message From Our CEO:

I grew up in a family of ten in a three-bedroom house at 103rd Street and Michigan.

In my neighborhood, there aren't a plethora of career paths to discover, opportunities to capitalize on or an abundance of role models to emulate. Because of that, we see our future as a predestined march toward exactly what is outside our windows: poverty, poor education and violence. That experience destroys ambition and the ability to dream.

But change is possible. We can all be part of that change. It just takes work.

The first step of that work is to simply acknowledge that the opportunities and resources are not balanced among all of Chicago's communities. As a result, Black and Latinx communities are filled with untapped talent that must overcome historic wage imbalances, undervalued housing markets and poorer quality schools.

re:work tips the scales for those individuals by creating educational and career opportunities that lead to safe futures and financial success. On the other end, we work with technology companies across the city to provide them with ambitious, resourceful and qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds.

By empowering our candidates and companies we not only provide make their dreams a reality, we create a path for future generations to dream.

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Shelton Banks
Chief Executive Officer, re:work training