A Message From Our CEO:

Poverty, poor education and violence eats ambition. And when you are caught in a generational cycle of oppression, you lose the ability to dream. It seems there is no way out.

I grew up in a family of ten. We lived in a three-bedroom house at 103rd Street and Michigan Avenue in Chicago's Roseland/Pullman neighborhood. When we thought of a future—we looked around and knew what it would be. I was to be a laborer like my father and his father.

To right this imbalance, we need to recognize it: Black and Latinx communities are filled with talent and intelligence. But we do not have the same resources as White communities. We must overcome historic wage imbalances, undervalued housing markets and poorer quality schools. If we do reach for a higher education, we often end up with huge debt from universities that have not provided us with the skills we need to succeed.

re:work tips the scales to create educational outcomes that lead to safe futures and financial success. We know technology companies are desperate for diverse and qualified employees. We find that pool in underserved communities of color.

For nine weeks, we focus people on sales and technology. Once they finish, these young men and women are matched up with companies that need them. We empower our candidates and our companies by creating opportunities for both via our partnerships. re:work not only provides a path for people to dream, we make those dreams a reality.

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Shelton Banks
Chief Executive Officer, re:work training