A Message From Our CEO:

I grew up in Chicago’s Roseland/ Pullman neighborhood on 103rd and Michigan with 10 family members in a three-bedroom house. In my household there was an understanding that I would be a laborer like the generations before me. My role was set. I saw firsthand the effects of cyclical poverty, under-education, and violence.

The Problem

There is a massive wage imbalance between underserved communities, particularly Black and Latin(x) communities, and White communities. Meanwhile, universities are drowning these same underserved communities in debt and not providing students with the skills to succeed in tech careers. The problem is then compounded in hiring practices - companies need and want diverse, qualified employees, but do not always know where to find this talent.

Our Solution

re:work training approaches this challenge in three ways:

  • Nine weeks of training with a focus on sales skills and the technology industry.

  • Job placement for the candidates who successfully complete our training.

  • Opportunities for value-added partnerships through volunteerism.

As I spend time with our candidates, I see myself in them, and I can confidently say that I would have been first in line to sign up for re:work. There’s no greater gift than an opportunity, and we’re all excited about giving that gift to America’s undiscovered talent for years to come.

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Shelton Banks
Chief Executive Officer, re:work training