Our Impact

We believe no one’s role in life is set and that everyone deserves an opportunity to be more than their circumstances.


Impact Philosophy

re:work is a people business. When our candidates win, our employers win, and our city wins. For that reason, candidates always remain at the center of our business.

While everything we do is data-focused, here are three numbers that indicate we’re heading in the right direction.



Avg. Candidate Salary Increase

Our goal is always to place into quality entry-level careers, meaning at least a $45k/year salary, with full benefits. re:work remains the most efficient way to jump three tax brackets.


Current Total of Placements’ Salaries

This number represents the current output of our program. In other words, the sum of annualized candidate income flowing back into our graduates’ communities.


Social Return on Investment

This is our program’s efficiency. We divide our output (previous) by the $ we spend to do it. For comparison, $4.26 is ~4x more efficient than the industry average.

Think about it. If you’re itching to climb, but the company that you’re with has failed you, if you’re seeking a way out of your routine life, if you’re unhappy with your income, these are all signs that you’re looking to get more from your job and life. re:work training has the means to take you to that next level, and land a job that meets your gratification.
— Alan Hajdari, Cohort 9


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