Our R.E.P.S framework:

More REPS = Stronger Companies



98% of our candidates are under-represented minorities from the south and west sides of Chicago. We a four-step screening process including a predictive fit assessment in which we identify individuals with teamwork, polish, rigor, impact, curiosity, ownership, and grit.


Weeks 1-9

Our goal is for our candidates to exceed expectations, quota and beyond. To empower them to do this, we train on mindset, sales process, best practices for cold calling, email cadence, and business acumen. We also cover skills like Salesforce, Sandler, Cadence tools, and video conferencing.


Weeks 5+

Place means everything when it comes to meaningful work. We create deep relationships with both candidates and open-minded tech employers to find the right fit. Our average placement rate is 83%.



76% of our candidates have achieved success and not gone back. They have stayed employed and even gone back to school. We offer a mentorship program and developed a growing community of diverse leaders to help support alumni to stay on the road to success.