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We will help you begin your software sales career. We’ve helped dozens of people find a job with an average base salary of $50,000 with benefits.

Applications are now open for our 13th cohort beginning on August 3rd.


115+ Employer Partners

Yes, we want you to get a job. But more importantly, we want you to build a future. That's why we work with employers who have a growth mindset, like us, to ensure you'll have the opportunity to grow alongside the organization.

Our corporate partners range from startups to enterprise software firms but they all have one thing in common: they need your skills and perspective.


Program Details

Why Tech Sales?

Each of us sell everyday. We don't think of persuasion as sales. But just remember, in his book "To Sell is Human," Daniel H. Pink writes, “physicians sell patients on a remedy, lawyers sell juries on a verdict, teachers sell students on the value of paying attention in class."

Schedule + Location
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Cohort 13

August 3, 2019 - October 6, 2019

Application Deadline: July 2, 2019

Sessions: Saturdays & Sundays, 1pm-4pm

WeWork State St.

1 W. Monroe St., Floor 5, Chicago, IL 60603

Application Requirements

Candidate Profiles:

  • Unemployed & Discouraged Job Seekers Join Us: The employment market is tough and the search can be demoralizing. We get it and are here to help. Instead of giving up, apply to join us.

  • Underemployed: Underemployment is an issue facing more than 22 million Americans. If you're working part time, in a job that doesn't use your skills or one that pays below the poverty line ($25,520 per year), you have options. We invite you to apply.

  • Out-of-school: Let’s get you into meaningful work. By the time you finish re:work training, we expect you to be able to work full-time, that means Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Out-of-school means folks not enrolled in postsecondary education. Please apply.

Sound like someone you know?

Sound like you?

Application Process

We provide each of our candidates individual attention to ensure they're the right fit for the re:work and re:work is the right fit for them. We have a four-step application process:

1. Fill out the form with our chatbot including your basic information.

2. One of our alumni will then call you with a few questions.

3. Then, you’ll have an in-person interview with our staff.

4. Finally, you will take an online assessment for us to learn more about your strengths.


re:work Alums

Want to talk to someone who’s been through the program before? No problem. Find a time to chat with one of our alums.

At re:work you’re taught about grit and hustle, but until YOU apply those words into a game plan to be successful, they’re only words.
— Jas Gowdy, Cohort3

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